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    12 Gift Ideas for Minimalists

    December 8, 2017
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    Many minimalist don’t like gift. Receiving or getting them for somebody else. And it’s not because they are stingy or too pragmatic. I’m sure you’ve been in the situation when you received totally useless gift and had to pretend of liking it. This is exactly what happens to us too many times throughout our lives. Wouldn’t it better to get rid of this particular social obligation?

    “It’s not that easy” – you will tell me, “how about all the holidays and significant dates? How would you make somebody feel special?” Although minimalists are not found of gifts and gifting, most of them would be happy to receive a more mindfully picked present. Here are some ideas of what to gift to your special minimalist someone. 

    12 Gift Ideas for Minimalists:

    1. Products that can be used up: handmade organic soap or shampoo bar, essential oil, scented candles…
    2. Food: think of something your minimalist likes but is not using every day (yet!) like matcha green tea or kombucha brewing kit. If you are visiting from abroad bring some specific to that place food e.g. durian candies from South-East Asia, Vegemite from Australia or pomegranate sauce from the Middle East.
    3. A gift card from their favourite store so they could choose their own present (H&M, Sephora, etc.)
    4. Tickets or vouchers for massage, beauty salon, photoshoot, cinema, amusement park, concert, theatre, etc.
    5. A subscription of their taste – Spotify, Audible, Netflix or even a subscription box. The choices are endless.
    6. A class – cooking, photography, drawing, dancing, massage, etc.
    7. A service – personal trainer, personal stylist, coaching, financial advice or a healing session, depending on whatever your minimalist is into.
    8. Gadgets – fitness tracker, wireless earphones or a speaker…
    9. Quality time – organize a night out or a weekend trip together.
    10. Bring back the memories by gifting a framed pictures or a poster with their happiest moments on it, alternatively you can create a video with your memories together, words of appreciation and wishes.
    11. Items for a cozy home: plant, sleeping eye mask or a diffuser.
    12. And the last but not the least, support their favourite charity from their name.

    What are your favourite ideas for minimalist gifts? Comment below!

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