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    2017 Year in Review: Travel, Learn, Grow

    December 31, 2017
    2017 year in review: travel, learn. grow
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    Sometimes just before New Year I’m getting this feeling about how the next year will look like. In the end of 2016 I thought, “Next year will be very dynamic”. I could feel it coming. And it has been, many thing has been happening this year. This time again I have a very particular feeling about the 2018. Let’s start with the summary of 2017!

    Somehow I evaluated previous years based on the projects I took part in or amount of travelling I’ve done. This time it will be a bit different.


    Based on the amount of travelling I’ve done, this year was very successful:

    • January – New York and Washington DC.
    • March – Bali, Singapore and KL.
    • May-July – Ibiza, Barcelona, Budapest, Prague, Ukraine.
    • July – Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia, participating in a dance festival ALIA.
    • August – my first trip to California! I visited L.A., San Francisco and San Diego.
    • October – Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia work team retreat.
    • November-December – Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Mui Ne) and Thailand (Chiang Mai).

    Pretty productive, isn’t it. I am very happy and grateful for all the opportunities. Especially being able to bring my family for a 3-week long trip around Southeast Asia. This was my mom’s first experience in Asia.

    For the first time this year:

    • Started working as (content) producer on set while filming online courses (and filmed 12 courses since then)
    • Worked as an event photographer
    • Experienced new modalities of spirituality and personal growth – breathwork, tantra yoga, etc.
    • Lived in a new country for a short time while working remotely (and I love it!).

    2017 year in review: travel, learn. grow

    Lessons Learned:

    The more I learn about myself and the world around me, the more I realise how little I know. The more I learned about different modalities of spirituality or personal growth for example, the more I see how many little branches and sub-categories are there and their number is uncountable. My strategy so far was to learn as much as I can about the wide range of different modalities to just become aquatint with the possibilities that are out there and later on chose a few to focus on.

    Every day I discover something new and am learning about what and how to improve about myself. Sometimes we are climbing the mountain with such enthusiasm and persistence that we can’t see that that’s the wrong mountain. I have been learning and reflecting a lot about today world’s craze about all the productivity, entrepreneurship and being/having everything better, stronger, faster. As I am constantly growing and developing the ideal picture of Hanna’s personality and her “ideal future” changes a lot. Today I am entering New Year with particular conclusions regarding this matter. Some of them are in my latest articles How Minimalism Helped Me Let Go of Limiting BeliefsMinimalism: Get Your Life Back, The Minimalist Mindset. I am redefining success for myself and I’m ready to move forward in the new direction. 

    This year I have been working on letting go of desires, preferences and expectations. Living the life as it is unfolding day by day. Life where you have a moment to stop and… no, not think…listen. Listen what wants to be materialised by you. And then act on it without any hesitation.

    2017 year in review: travel, learn. grow

    New Year’s Resolutions 2018:

    Embodiment became a major topic of my research, thoughts and practices. I will continue learning how to stay in my body more and get out of my head more often. Planning less, doing more – working on my blog, the book and online course. Doing less, being more – achieving a healthy work-life balance and enjoying the time of doing nothing.

    Professional goals:

    Grow in different areas of multimedia and content creation – learning and mastering photography & videography and writing, of course. Releasing the fear of judgment, finding my voice, and becoming visible. It’s time.

    The more life experience I gain, the more interesting it becomes to play the game of Life. Next year, I can feel it, is going to be a year of maturity and adulthood. This is the time for me to forget about the “when I grow up…” phrase and actually make things I truly want happen.

    Next year will be a year of relationships and the year of creation. I have been sponging information and gaining knowledge and experiences for too long already. It’s time to give back and share what I know with the ones who need it. When a friend of mine asked me who is my blog for, my answer was simple – for younger me. Younger in terms of  experiences and life lessons learned. I always think If I knew things I know now when I was a teenager, my life would be completely different today. This blog is for people who are on the path of personal grow and actualisation. Let’s connect help each other grow.

    I am excited to enter New Year with a new perspective and exiting projects planned.



    P.S. I’m gone to finish my vision board for 2018… Happy New Year!

    2017 year in review: travel, learn. grow

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