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Designers are saying...

I leave this course as a
completely changed man…
Sushruta Nandy
Student, DYL Participant ‘23
I’m so excited that I’ve barely been able
to sleep. Can’t wait to be back and learn
more. Thank you for this spark!! This is
exactly what I’ve been looking for…
Preeti Agarwal Mehta
Writer and Creative Consultant
The program design and delivery is
state of the art, cutting edge… Thank
you for sharing years of dedication,
passion and journeying through life
and your success formula with us.
Vandana Nayar
Organizational Development Lead, Oracle
It has legitimised design thinking in my
eyes and given me tools that I honestly
cannot help but use in all areas of my life.
Vrinda Bhardwaj
Business Analyst, Deloitte Consulting
(Former student and DYL Participant ‘23)
The Odyssey exercise was the most
liberating form of reflection that I have
ever taken part in. It was super eye-
opening and mind blowing about my
visions for my future.
Anjana Ramesh
Student, DYL Participant ‘23
…It is a brilliant session—we
created three rich variants of our
life by the end of the workshop.
Shankar Venugopal
Vice President, Mahindra & Mahindra
Ph.D, Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
From uncovering and challenging
my dysfunctional beliefs to diving
deep into the principles of design
thinking, this experience has been
nothing short of eye-opening.
Shivam Agarwal
Manager – Partnerships, 1M1B
Big shoutout to Navyug Mohnot and his
team for enabling us to be the architects of
our many lives….Thinking about taking the
plunge? Do it! It’s an investment in your
best self and worth your time and money.
Swati Saini
Apps, Performance & Growth, Google
I feel so empowered, hopeful,
and excited for everything that is
to come my way. I can see how I
have transformed as an individual.
Tanvi Savani
Student, DYL Participant ‘23
Gratitude once again to Navyug for
crafting a workshop that transcends
traditional learning, instilling a
mindset of continuous improvement
and personal empowerment.
Ananya Chauhan
People & Culture, The Nudge Institute
I genuinely feel no other book or course can
compensate for the impact that this course can
have on identifying where we are and want to be in
the future. I would highly encourage everyone who
is even mildly interested in identifying meaning
and impact in their life to take this course.
Aditya Parikh
Manager – Internal Controls, CES
(Former Audit Manager, Deloitte)
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