Engineered at Stanford University
A design framework with programs for intentional change and living.


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Look out for new dates…


Look out for new dates…

Our mission
Every person, a flourishing life.
Every life, designed intentionally.
A global movement, Designing Your Life (DYL)’s mission is to empower people to use the innovation principles of Design Thinking for life and work—to build a future that is both meaningful and fulfilling.
Engineered at Stanford, the Life Design framework, tools, and mindsets allow people to design future possibilities for their lives and careers, and build a life that works for them—regardless of who or where they are, what they do (or have done) for a living, or how young or old they are.

Discover the Programs

Live your life not by

default, but by design.
For Everyone
Learn the framework, tools, and skills to design and
build a life you love—through workshops and 1-1 Coaching.
For Universities
Help students explore possibilities, navigate
options, and build their future with intent and action.
For Corporates
Engage, align, and empower employees to redesign—
rather than resign—from their work life.

Engineered at

In the early 2010s, the “Designing Your Life” (DYL) program emerged from the creative minds at Stanford University, by Professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, both seasoned designers and educators. Drawing upon their extensive experiences in Silicon Valley and human-centered design, they recognized a need to apply design principles not only to products but also to the most important project of all: life.
The Stanford Life Design Lab ( became the incubator for this groundbreaking approach, teaching courses, delivering programs, and conducting research applying the innovation principles of Design Thinking to the problems of life, education, and vocation.

Meet the minds behind DYL

Bill & Dave!
With their bestselling books Designing Your Life and Designing Your Work Life, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans have gone on to impact millions of lives around the world with their proven methodologies developed at Stanford.
Bill Burnett is the Executive Director of the Design Program at Stanford. He holds a number of mechanical and design patents, and design awards for a variety of products including the first “slate” computer.
Dave Evans is a lecturer for the Design Program at Stanford. With an extensive experience of 30+ years in management consulting, he co-founded Electronic Arts and also introduced the computer mouse to the world while at Apple.
In tandem with Bill and Dave, Susan Burnett and Kathy Davies bring the DYL framework to life, offering it to the world through DYL Consulting.

“ Live a life of ‘AND’

and not ‘OR’ ”

Based on my life experiments and experiences, I have found that it’s possible to “design” one’s way forward and live a life of ‘AND’ rather than ‘OR.’
The future does not exist, but a limitless number of possible futures exist, and can be created. What if we could use a process to create a flourishing, happy AND successful life? Generate both money AND meaning? Now we can.
Together, we will work to reflect and collaborate, venture and explore your multiple futures, and experience the shift towards a life with meaning and fulfilment.
Start your journey with
Navyug Mohnot
Stanford Certified “Designing Your Life”
Educator, Coach and Facilitator
Harvard Certified Leadership Coach
Visiting Faculty, Ashoka University
Visting Faculty, IIT Jodhpur
CEO, QAI Global
Founder & CEO, QGLUE
Navyug Mohnot is the CEO of QAI, a trans-national Process Improvement consulting organisation, and the Founder & CEO of QGLUE, a consulting, coaching, and training company helping enterprises and individuals to adopt and embrace the ‘design-led way’ to foster innovation and success.
He is also a Stanford-trained “Designing Your Life” (DYL) Coach, Facilitator, and Educator for Universities, and brought the renowned program to India for the first time as Visiting Faculty at Ashoka University. A certified Leadership Coach from Harvard, Navyug has spoken at several conferences worldwide, including a TEDx talk on “Manifesting Desires and Embracing Contradictions.”
Navyug did his B.Tech from IIT Delhi and is the recipient of the “Outstanding Contribution to National Development” award from the IIT Delhi Alumni Association. He is actively involved with TiE and NASSCOM, having co-chaired TiECon 2015, Asia’s largest gathering of entrepreneurs.
With over 35 years of ‘coaching’ experience, Navyug has served on the Boards of several companies, supported promising startups as an angel investor, and mentored countless individuals to invent their own success stories.
“Want to find fulfilment at last?
Think like a designer”
“[DYL] has become one of the most ​popular electives at [Stanford]. The ​method has been the subject of two ​PhD theses and has demonstrated ​significant results in helping people ​design the life they want.”
“Stanford’s Most Popular Class Isn’t ​Computer Science—It’s Something ​Much More Important”
“[DYL] offered participants a values-​based compass of their own design, and ​tools to navigate life’s toughest ​decisions”
“[DYL] has become one of the most ​popular electives at [Stanford]. The ​method has been the subject of two ​PhD theses and has demonstrated ​significant results in helping people ​design the life they want.”
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