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Urban vs Rural Life: Which One Is The Best For You?

March 4, 2015
Urban vs Rural life
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I have experienced “village lifestyle” during one year in Indonesia. Basically, it was a gap year, more leisure, travelling and having fun than anything else. Although I was living in the 3rd biggest city in Indonesia, life around me didn’t motivate me to develop, dress up every day or be ready for conversations about global issues. And all that was a part of my daily life as a university student and young professional in Ukraine. And all this was forgotten during my stay in Indonesia. Life there was very simple, I didn’t have to deal with any troubles, just organize my everyday routine. Planning trips and travelling was pretty much my only business. 

After a year of laziness, I was so tired of doing nothing that I felt excited about getting a job and developing as a professional, doing something good. I spent 4 months in Ukraine and finally got to Malaysia. I came to an office and during first two days, I had lots of doubts and questions about the life I’m going to have here…

There is always this dichotomy: money or time. But it’s not only that. Imagine if you wouldn’t have to think about money. What kind of life would you prefer? I personally have troubles answering this question.

Urban vs Rural life

Rural life:

  • freedom of time, flexibility;
  • not much money (but you always can find something like English tutoring or freelance job);
  • peaceful and calm mind (no worries, you are free to do whatever you want);
  • healthy sleep and good food (lots of time to cook at home if you like it, of course);
  • yoga, meditation, reading, meeting people, travelling around…and everything else that you can come up with…
  • wearing more or less whatever, looking whatever, caring about nothing really.

Urban life:

  • more money;
  • settling down because of the everyday routine that you get from your working schedule and all the comfort that city can offer;
  • culture, art, events, fashion, beauty;
  • more opportunities for leisure and development;
  • people and ideas;
  • infrastructure and comfort.

Village life in simple and pleasant, still, boring for me. It seems that I choose city life for now.. 🙂

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