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The Minimalist Mindset

December 19, 2017
The Minimalist Mindset
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Minimalism helps create life focused on the most important things to you specifically. It is not dogmatic. It’s not rigid. It doesn’t work according to a “one size fits all” formula. Moreover, there is no formula to minimalism. You don’t have to go extreme and get rid of everything you own to be happy or to be a “true minimalist”. Minimalism allows you to take what works best and adapt it to your life. It requires a lot of self work and defining your own rules and limits…. For those hesitating, let’s talk about the minimalist mindset.

The Minimalist Mindset:

  • Essentialism – think what is essential in your life and what is a nice addition. Consciously seek for more impactful and enjoyable ways of spending your main resources: time, energy, money.. Minimalism is not about self deprivation, living an ascetic life, preventing yourself from buying of having something you want. It’s about learning to want less and to be content with what you already have. And trust me, most of us have much more than we really need.
  • Mindfulness – bring consciousness to the way you live and critically rethink your lifestyle choices. For example, filter the information that comes into my mind and learn to manage your emotional states better. I don’t watch TV for more than 10 years and don’t see any value in going back to it. I also don’t read news because I noticed how negatively they were impacting me in the past.
  • Focus on the things that bring the most joy to your life and those that bring the most impact. 
  • Prioritise the important things and don’t be afraid to say “no” to the things that are not on the list.
  • Simplicity – don’t over complicate life: food, accessories or home appliances, keep it simple. Define what are your essential items and stick to it, e.g. if you have a phone and a laptop, do you still need a tablet?
  • Space – most often decluttering becomes the first step people take on their minimalist journey simply because you need space to think clearly and, more importantly, to invite new things into your life. Declutter not only your physical space but also your digital space and your calendar. Start with creating a stop doing list.
  • Freedom – minimalism helps to get free from obsessions and desires to buy, have, own, or be. It helps you feel enough the way you are and appreciate people around you for who they are, create your own rules of success and live according to those. Aim to free up some time every day to do nothing. Go for a walk without purpose, meditate, or lie on the floor and observe sensations in your body bringing attention to here and now.
  • Responsibility goes hand in hand with freedom. If you create your own rules of life, you are responsible for the consequences and you have to be OK with it. Establish a routine, sleeping routine, morning or evening routine to manage your energy levels and mood better. Establish good habits and follow them through. Our life is based of the hundreds of smallest decisions we make every day, choose them wisely.
  • Sustainability – becoming more aware of your lifestyle choices unavoidably provokes interest to more sustainable ways of dealing with things. One of the example is the Quality vs quantity rule – stop chasing numbers, focus on quality in every area of your life instead. Research an alternative ways to educate yourself, eat more healthy, and use sustainable products.
  • Optimisation is meant to creating a limited set of choices to free up time and willpower. Come up with a few simple breakfast recipes, create a simple wardrobe with complimentary colours and versatile shapes. Or take things to the next level buy creating a digital catalogue of your own outfits to stop stressing out every morning because you “don’t have anything to wear”.

Minimalism forces us to bring more consciousness into everyday life. Hence, you will make better choices and get better outcomes, while having fun in the process.

What are your favourite concepts of Minimalist mindset? How do you implement some of the minimalist mindset concepts into your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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