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Reaching Goals – Challenge Updates Video

June 14, 2016
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Hello, beautiful people, I am very glad to publish this “Reaching Goals – Challenge Updates” video for you today.

As you might already know, I have started “Reaching Goals Challenge” in the end of February 2016. So far I have been working on completing the tasks I’ve gathered in my list.

My list consists mostly of the things I want to learn to do. And since learning is an inevitable part of my life, it’s been fun to work on this goal of mine. Although it took quite a bit of my free time, I appreciate the ability to see my progress and effortlessly move further one step at a time. Persistence, IMHO, is the key to completing challenges like this.

Okay, so the reason I have made and sharing this video is that I am seeing a few unpredictable struggles on my learning path. First of all, I got too excited in the beginning thus I added much more items to my list. This is not the best way to go if you are committing to complete everything that you put there :). Nonetheless, it’s ok, we’ll see how it goes, I am on track so far.

Next thing that happened, is that I have panicked a bit, so I started working on the easiest things first. The shortest courses, the most enjoyable topics. And it makes total sense to me, cause I just want to see how those fields becoming marked blue – ta-da – one more thing learned. Good girl Hanna. That’s a great way of cheering myself up and motivating myself to stay on track.

And the last factor that influences my learning curve was the fact that I am predicting a lot more free time in the last quarter of the year due to the annual haze disaster in Malaysia 🙂 (That’s not funny actually, but I like how that sounds 😉 ) The air gets so bad that I won’t go out as much. It means that I will have no excuses and will be completing all my learning goals!

If you are working on achieving a similar challenge, please let me know about your struggles, and how are you keeping yourself organized and motivated! Let’s GO!

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