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Martabak. A Bite Of Indonesia. The Documentary

September 5, 2014
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During my studies in Indonesia, I got an assignment to create a short vmovie about an aspect of Indonesian culture. Me and my friend Ola chose food, particularly Martabak, street food  that is popular in Asia. We tried to show that cuisine represents culture by being a huge part of people’s routine. That’s why learning about food, its preparation process and way of eating, is important for understanding the culture in general. For example, Martabak is being made only during evenings in Indonesia and is being sold only as a takeaway food.

We started from the idea: food as a part of everyday habits and culture of eating. Went specific to Martabak because it has interesting way and place of preparation and time of consumption.

The plot:

(1) Origin and history of Martabak.
(2) Martabak telur (asin) or salty Martabak.
(3) Martabak manis – sweet .
We decided to talk about the ingredients and technic of preparing this dish. Also about the prices and local’s favourite toppings.
(4) True story of one Martabak seller: how he started to work in the industry, where he learned the preparation process, how much he works and earns per week, his secret recipe, etc.
(5) Martabak San Francisco – the most famous brand in Bandung city, that I would name as a food capital of Indonesia. On other islands, you can often find street food stalls called Martabak Bandung.
(6) Foreigners opinion about Martabak. (Unfortunately, we didn’t add this part).

We made a schedule for interviews with translators and video shooting to get the material. Surfed information to create subtitles in the internet and started editing.

It was our first experience of making videos for a documentary movie, editing and working with sound, subtitles and effects. And since we were not taught how to do all this we used the best method: learning by doing.

If you have any comments or criticism, please, feel free to leave it below. It’s important for our improvement.

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