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Consumerism As A Way Of Oppression

January 26, 2011
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What is a system? It can be defined as a structure that consists of the set of elements that are connected and cooperate with each other. A system, as a sum of the elements, has more characteristics than each of its components by itself. The society is a system. It is hard to identify what is initial a whole or a part from which the whole is formed. Nowadays we live in the world that is based on neoliberal ideas that penetrate every part of our lives. We believe in the ideals of democracy, natural human rights, capitalistic model of economics…

People tend to believe that all those things ensure individual freedom for each person. But if we look a bit closer to the nature of current liberal democracies, we will see a lot of things that work against these principles. Controversially, although freedom of expression is present in first world countries, people are also defrauded of freedom overall.

Just take a look at the mass culture and consumerism in the countries like US. Isn’t it a method of control?

The system – in this case, the state, provides for people the purpose of life – consumption. So all those people who play the game keep working and thus, keep the system alive. The main symbol of the game is status. So it’s not about having all the material goods to have a good life anymore. Not it’s about having the next big thing, own the next technological innovation – a bigger TV screen, a new iPhone. Just because we tend to identify ourselves with the things we own. It’s funny, how many people still believe that when they will own the new phone or new car they will become happy.

It’s funny, how many people still believe that when they will own the new phone or new car they will become happy. And when you are already in the game, it’s kinda hard to go out of the box and look at the situation from a totally different angle. You think: “My friend is working 60 hours per week to buy a new car, so should I. Probably..” Most of us are not even questioning the current status quo. So many of us are ready to work hard through all our life to chase the phantom of happiness…

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