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Achieving Goals Challenge – 2016

May 15, 2016
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Hi all,

As you may already know I started a “Achieving Goals Challenge” in the end of February 2016.

So the point of this challenge is to accomplish all the things on my to-do list that I keep pushing from month to month, from year to year. One of them may be – read a particular book or read 10 books a year, learn a specific skill (yea, for me it’s still Photoshop! :'( ).

Why Have I Decided To Start Achieving Goals Challenge?

I’ve decided to do it because I am lazy, way too lazy. Seriously, I am pushing things in my lists, postponing and that postponing again. I’ve realised that if I won’t have a specific deadline – I will never do any of those things. How on Earth can you justify the fact that I haven’t learned working in photoshop in 3 years?! Tell me about it! That’s why this have to stop. No mersey for me. Enough procrastination and choosing the “more important things”, “more fun”, “YOLO”… “sit and study!” – I tell myself.

There can be only 1 reason why I still haven’t done all those things that I have always wanted to do and thought “it would be so cool to know how/be able to do it” and it is: I don’t actually want to do it. I don’t want to learn photoshop because of many reasons – I have no idea where to start; there is nobody to teach me and I don’t want to spend hours by clicking here and there to understand how does that system works; I don’t want to spend hours of my free time in front of computer learning from the YouTube tutorials, cause YOLO! 🙂 You got my point.

And there can be only 2 options how to resolve this issue and my dissatisfaction with myself.

  • Forget about it and never talk about it ever again. As one of my friends said, “Do you really want to do it or you just like the idea of doing it”. I paused, and I had to have a pretty interesting conversation with myself about it.
  • Finally, do it. And forget about it.

I chose the second option. So I don’t have to have this invisible baggage of unrealised ideas hanging above my head from day after day. I will complete all the items on my list by the end of 2016. And if I wouldn’t do something, I’ll not gonna try to do it again. This is the time. Let’s get started!

Rules of the game: you create the list with different tabs-categories and add as many items to every category as you think is necessary. Start completing every one of them and crossing them out! Oh, I love that feeling… BTW, you can check out my spreadsheet and get inspired!

See you in a while. Stay tuned for the updates!

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